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Anyone who runs a blog and regularly publishes content there almost always wants a growing readership. This doesn’t necessarily have to be purely for monetary reasons, often it can be the attention to a certain topic or even your own person that makes a wider reach so desirable. 

But how can you get more blog readers? For a blog to be really popular and to grow over time, two things are needed for the content: relevance and interest. So your content can inspire, encourage sharing or commenting and entice readers to come back. Here you can find out how to get more blog readers, what mistakes you should avoid at all costs, and what tips you can use to increase your reach…

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How to Make Money with Your Blog in 2020

earn money nor spread a message or information that is close to your heart. But how can blog readers and larger numbers of visitors be reached? Efforts are being made to do so, but even if bloggers get involved in social networking and try to expand their network, these efforts can sometimes come to nothing.

The reasons for this are not entirely clear and, of course, vary from blog to blog – but in many cases the causes lie in the classic sins of bloggers:

You_do_not_know_your_readers“>You do not know your readers

You have great ideas and are enthusiastic about them? Great! This is an important requirement for successful blogging. Because if you don’t like to read the articles yourself, who should do it? 

At the same time, you are not the measure of all things. So the crucial second question is: Do other people find your topics equally interesting? And do you know for whom you are writing? If you can’t answer both questions, you should go back to the virtual drawing board and rework the concept of your blog.

Of course, you can also just write and see what happens. There are successful blogs that started just like this. But these are exceptions, and of course, you won’t hear about the hundreds of other blogs that have gone in with the strategy. So get to know your target group(s), their worries and needs and questions – and then answer them. As best you can (and better than others).

Of course, you want to maximize the reach, visibility, and readership of your blog and differentiate yourself from other blogs. But if you see other blogs and bloggers as competitors and you ignore them or keep quiet about them (maybe even write negative things about them), you’re only hurting yourself – and your blog.

Bloggers are – or should be – network-oriented and link each other. That’s what made them great – and even so, organic growth that benefits everyone succeeds. However, this only works if you join in or even get started – by contacting other bloggers and linking them first and without charge. This is a nice blogger custom and has been proven to attract attention and reach.

ultimately the content of your articles must be lasting and provide permanent benefit to readers if you want to increase traffic.

More_readers_thanks_to_these_tips“>More readers thanks to these tips

In addition to optimizing your content and published content, you can also turn other screws to move your blog forward and get more blog readers. That’s why we’ve listed additional tips that can help you increase your reach and attract more readers to your site in the long run.

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SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This refers to tricks to appear as high up in the results of search engines as possible – and to be found and clicked on more often. Important is for example the right keywords, in headlines and in the text, but also plugins that you can add in the Content Management System to make SEO-relevant settings there.

Offer_a_newsletter“>Offer a newsletter

With your own newsletter you can reach readers once again and point out your current contributions. However, it should not be too intrusive or degenerate into spam – and pay attention to the regulations of the DSGVO. In order to increase the number of subscribers, it can be useful to offer small additional benefits in the newsletter, such as further tips or an additional download.

To attract more blog readers, you need to evaluate the activity on your blog and use it for future reference. Take a look at your blog statistics, analyze likes-me clicks and reactions to your articles. Which topics were particularly well received? Were there any comments about new, related topics? Use this data as a basis for new articles and topics. Of course you should repeat this process regularly.

Better_visitor_numbers_through_good_blog_headlines“>Better visitor numbers through good blog headlines

Winning a new reader for your blog is anything but easy – especially due to the enormous competition on the Internet. Numerous sites vie for the attention (and clicks) of potential readers. The headline is the most important figurehead to attract more blog readers and increase the reach. The simple reason: Search engines only show the headline and maybe a short teaser text – if that’s not convincing, even the best content is not worth much.

But which headlines can improve visitor numbers? A basic rule is: The keyword must be in the headline! This is the only way you have any chance at all of appearing in search engine rankings and being clicked on.

But that’s not all, because there are many factors that can make a blog heading more successful and thus ensure higher click rates:

Provide_many_examples“>Provide many examples

As a reader, you want to know what to expect in an article and what value it offers. Headings should therefore promise a benefit in order to be clicked. This could look something like this: 10 good examples of… or 15 proven methods of… This is how you show from the beginning that your contribution is worth reading.

Clarify_the_relevance“>Clarify the relevance

33 Tricks that really everyone should know – Such headlines not only arouse curiosity but also address the readers’ ego a little bit. Because if “everyone” should know the tricks – and perhaps already knows them – you can’t be left out, can you? Furthermore, the headline implicitly promises that there are 33 tricks worth reading.

Regularity_increases_reach_and_click_figures“>Regularity increases reach and click figures

Especially in the beginning blogs are often built up on the side. So there are other obligations you have to meet, which makes it difficult to keep a fixed rhythm. However, this is an important factor in getting more blog readers and building a fan base. Just imagine yourself coming across a previously unknown blog, but the most recent article is already three months old.

What do you think then? Exactly. Long blog breaks and radio silence have a negative effect on the perception of readers and thus on the reach. This does not mean that you necessarily have to blog every day – don’t confuse regularity with frequency. It’s better to blog once a week and keep up this rhythm than to start with too high a frequency and then reduce it drastically.

While regular publishing is not a panacea, especially when the content is weak, a fixed rhythm has several advantages that have a positive impact on readership:


With the help of the fixed rhythm, new readers in particular have the chance to get used to the blog and to incorporate this rhythm into their reading habits. If you know that a new article is online every Monday, you will automatically drop by at some point.


A fixed publication frequency also disciplines the blog author(s). Admittedly, there is also a danger in this: if you blog despite the lack of content just because it’s Tuesday again, you will eventually scare off your readers and do lasting damage to branding. The antidote: a well-maintained editorial plan with crisp topics.

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