Great Ways to Make Money with Your Blog in 2020

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How to Make Money with Your Blog in 2020

The question everyone asks is: How can the money be earned with blogs? The invested time and passion should pay off and quite a few people dream of using the blog as an additional – or at some point sole – source of income. The good news: It is possible to market the site and earn money with blogs. But it is not easy. We explain what possibilities options here…

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Get More Blog Readers: Here Is How How It Works

The reputation of blogs has changed a lot in recent years. For a long time it was part of the job for bloggers to be asked: Can you really make money with blogs? or directly Can you even live on it?

Another prejudice, which fortunately has been overcome: Bloggers who make money with their site are not independent and have lost their integrity.

Today, blogging is not only a popular hobby but also the possibility to earn money with your own site. This is not a disgrace, but completely legitimate. If you put a lot of time and energy into creating your blog, you can certainly hope that the work will bear fruit.

Some bloggers hope to earn a passive income with their own content. So in the future to earn money continuously with little work. Others are working towards earning enough money with their blog to be able to make a living and become self-employed.

Two quite realistic possibilities – if you are passionate about it and know the different ways to earn money with blogs.

Content must be created, revised and updated.
  • Photos have to be bought.
  • The software has to be paid and maintained.
  • The authors have to be paid.
  • All these costs have to be covered. If you don’t earn money with your blog, you invest time and energy as well as cash to keep the site up and running.

    A_clear_theme,_a_lucrative_target_group“>A clear theme, a lucrative target group

    All blogs that are commercially successful operate in a thematic niche. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. But they have a clearly delineated thematic area. Like the Career Bible. This is the only way for bloggers to have a clearly defined target group and readership. And only this can be marketed through advertising.

    And then there’s that: …there isn’t a lucrative advertising market for every topic. Political blogs, for example, have a hard time – in contrast to fashion or technology blogs. So if you really want to market your blog and earn money with it, you should ask yourself soberly: Which industry has any interest in reaching my group of readers? If they don’t exist, all efforts will be in vain.

    A_large,_strong_network.“>A large, strong network.

    The third point is perhaps the biggest obstacle in Germany. While in the USA, for example, many blogs network and support each other, German bloggers link each other less and less often. Competition and envy lead to everyone focusing only on themselves.

    Especially when it comes to thematic proximity and similarity, nobody wants to point to other blogs of the competition. Mistakes! First: If the blog is really cooler, better, more popular, readers will find it at some point anyway. Second: If you are stingy with links, you will be linked less often and stay small. Conversely, it becomes a shoe in the shoe: Articles that you think are worth reading can and should be licked and shared, linked and quoted (quote – don’t copy and steal 1:1!). This not only brings attention and new friends: readers also find this service interesting. Instead of tediously surfing the web themselves to search for the fillet pieces, they will find them on your site.

    Banner_advertising_on_the_homepage“>Banner advertising on the homepage

    One of the best-known ways to make money with blogs is banner advertising. An advertising banner is displayed on the page, for which you as the site operator receive money – when it is clicked on or when readers are shown it when they call up the page.

    Banner advertising is only worthwhile when there are large numbers of visitors to the site, because sales are very low. However, a large number of readers can make it a quite lucrative way.

    Those who know their way around or want to invest the time can market advertising themselves. There are, however, numerous blog marketers who can take over this service (of course for an appropriate fee).

    Payable_contents“>Payable contents

    Especially larger and already better known sites are showing the way: Payment barriers that make content chargeable. This does not go down well with every reader, because many have gotten used to the fact that there is free content on the Internet.

    Paid content can, for example, be introduced via a subscription model. For a fixed amount per month, readers can access all content – those who surf the site for free have to be satisfied with the lower offer.

    If you have already built up a certain amount of reach with your blog and are targeting a specific audience, you can offer sponsored posts. In doing so, you publish contributions from other companies or sites, in which they not only provide content but also advertise their own products.

    You flag these on your page to remind readers that they are paid advertising. Depending on your reach, you can achieve good sales through sponsored posts – but don’t overdo it, because your readers don’t like it either if a large part of the published content consists of advertising.

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