How to get customers to your site.

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How to get customers to your site.

There are many firms out there that try to market being number two or three. I remember, from a few years ago, an entertaining Snapple commercial. They were throwing a huge party and parade with the number three being prominently displayed everywhere, and the catch-line from the voice-over was, “At Snapple we’re not about being number one, because to us, three-dom means freedom!”

Silly, I know, but it stuck. But that isn’t the reason that Snapple does well as a beverage company. They do well because people generally perceive them as being the best iced-tea company out there. Another example was Avis. They had a campaign going for a while that was all about they’re being number two. They were saying, in essence, we’re not Hertz, but we’re almost, so you should give us a try. In my book, that’s like begging someone for a pity date. “Hi, I’m not the football captain (or head cheerleader), but I really, really, could use a date, please will you go out with me?” Even if the person is sensitive, caring, engaging, honest, fun to be with, etc. begging for attention turns almost everyone off. Your website will basically be the same. You need to figure out how to tell people that you are number one for your internet business to make money for your online.

How do you tell people you’re number one?

Find a way to credibly describe yourself as the leader in your category for your product or service. If you can’t honestly say that, then you need to redefine your category so that you can say that. Remember that you honestly need to be committed to excellence in your category and find ways to consistently and constantly improve your service. That being said, make sure that you have a category that is sufficiently small (or that you’re big enough) to make that claim. Remember, that what you’re the leader in isn’t nearly as important as being the leader in something.

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, understood this concept well. General Electric, by 1981 when Welch was made GE’s chairman, had become an agglomeration of several different businesses. He made the decision that GE would sell off any of the businesses in which they were not number one or number two. And if they couldn’t become number one in those businesses, then we’ll get out of those as well. By and large, Jack Welch succeeded in his goal of making GE the leader.

Just like Jack Welch did, you will want to continually ask yourself the question, “In what way is my company and my product the best there is?” As you do this you will be able to avoid the mediocrity that comes with being complacent, and you will be able to make money online in your internet business!

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