Make Internet Radio Your Home Based Business!

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Make Internet Radio Your Home Based Business!

Starting a radio talk show, or a radio show, can be a difficult thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If you have something to say, or even just want to share music that you like, you could start a talk show, a guest talk show, or even showcase your own songs all from the comfort of your own home.

Jill Hart, is a success story of doing internet radio. She is a mom and the host of Christian Work at Home Moms. She hosts a weekly radio show that helps moms who work from home figure out how to find financial success. She is very interested in giving other Christians answers about how to work from home. Not only that, but she has been in business since 1985 and knows the ins and outs of business. She can give advice on start-ups and also gives inspirational messages to her listeners. She started out on the small side and now enjoys spreading her message and the information.

You’ll want to make sure that you have everything all together before you go live, but this is a great opportunity for you to start a business from home. So how do we get this all started?

Do your research!

Before you go and buy things and start up, you’ll want to do research on what you’re doing and what direction you want to go. First, brainstorm and write down several ideas. If you don’t already have a great idea, make sure you don’t forget this step. Once you’ve done that, go through the process of elimination and get the best ideas.

Once you’ve done that, on to the next step.

Find an Internet radio provider

You’ll want to find an internet radio provider. These services will allow you to broadcast your program to the internet world, and hopefully help you get more listeners., for instance, is one of the most popular options. You can sign up for PRO broadcasting, which charges a higher monthly fee (which can cover costs of broadcasting copyrighted music), or you can start a personal station, which has a 7 day trial and plans that start at 5.95 a month. My favorite place to find the best internet radio providers is EDinformatics. They give a list of broadcasting service providers and a brief description and link to the site.

Download radio software

Once you’ve gotten the provider you will need software to download and upload content to the radio station. Live365 provides its own software, Studio365, but there are others out there and you should research them to find the best fit for you. I recommend doing a basic google search and going from there. Make sure that your software can handle live broadcasting and phone calls. What would a radio talk show be without those?

Get a microphone & usb interface

If your computer doesn’t have a decent recording device or sound card, you’ll want to invest in a good microphone and make sure it is usb compatible. That way you’ll be able to record your voice well, which will be the biggest selling point if you are going to do a talk show.

Know the laws about broadcasting copyrighted music.

There are many laws which govern the use of broadcasting copyrighted music. Some services, like, pay for licensing, but many others do not. If you are setting up a music heavy stream, you’ll want to obtain permission from the entity who holds the copyright. ASCAP, SESAC or BMI are some of those entities. Make sure to find out who holds the copyright and obtain permission. If you are only doing talk, or your own music, then you won’t need to worry about it, though you might want to brush up on the legal restrictions on having a theme song too.

Make sure that you broadcast in a format that can be played by several media players, like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Audio, and others.

Once you’ve gotten all these pieces together, you can start getting your home based business up and running. Make sure you have plenty to talk about, if it is a talk show you are doing, and that you take the time to structure your show. That will make it easier for listeners to follow. Now, go make some money online!

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