My Blogging Stats Till 31 Dec 2021

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From 0 clicks to up to 40 clicks per day in Google Search Console.


I had written 158 Blog Posts in my main blog in 2021.

My blog posts are about digital marketing, WordPress and Tech.

I had only 1 blog at that time for my agency.

So by December 2021, after several confusions and discussions, I decided why not create three blogs to write niche-focused content.

Example Digital marketing in my main blog, WordPress and Tech in new domains.

But nowadays, ranking a new domain is much harder than before.

So It was a huge decision for me, and I had several confusions.
And the confusions lasted even for months.

So by the mid of December 2021, I decided finally to separate by blogs.

In 158 blogs that I have written, nearly 80 posts were about digital marketing, around 50 posts were about WordPress and 20 were about Tech.

So I created two more blogs, kept only the blog posts about digital marketing in my main blog and moved the other posts to the respective domains using 301 permanent Redirect.

I know this will shatter my traffic to the main blog, but I believe a lot in the long run in this decision.

I always thought to write about a golden niche that is trending currently, So by the last week of December, I created another blog too for that niche.

By Dec 31 2021,

I have 4 blog websites,
Main Domain – 83 Posts,
Domain B – 56 Posts,
Domain C – 22 Posts,
Domain D – 5 Posts.

I aimed to write one blog post daily on each blog for 2022 while managing my agency and client projects.

I know it will take a lot of my time, but I wrote how to manage it in my last post.

From Jan 5, I started to write a post on my blogs daily.

I will also write about why I chose to go by 4 blogs rather than 1 blog in my upcoming posts.

My personal website is still being ready, and I will post it here once ready.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Even a Single Word Comment will Motivate my Journey.

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