My First Post on My Blogging Journey

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So I started being active in LinkedIn from Jan 2022.

I had only 18 connections on Jan 1. 

Today I have around 100 connections.

This may be a very small milestone. But it still matters to me.

So I posted daily from Jan 1 to Jan 12th. 

I posted random posts about SEO, Website Development, Freelancing and Blogging.

I get only one like or zero likes and comments. (I know this is normal)
So why I am posting this today? 

For the past 3 years, I started as a freelancer, worked with other freelancers, worked as a team and now I run an agency where I have a small online team consisting of a web developer, a web designer, a copywriter and a SEO.

Currently I run an agency website, a SaaS website, an E-commerce website, an automated business website (reselling), 4 blogs and 3 monetized YouTube channels and 4 Instagram pages.

I know it’s hard to manage all these by one person and it will narrow my time on each.

My brothers and friends suggested me to focus one at a time. But I am not a person who is satisfied with one thing. There is always something I want to explore more and most of them are related to my business.

But the thing is I don’t work on anything consistently. It’s very rare that I work on something more than 7-14 days.

My main blog gets around 2000 visitors per month which is ~50% of my 4k email subscribers. My videos have around 100-1000 views each which is nothing. I get usually few sales per month on my e-commerce website.

I know this stats are not bad, but they aren’t good too.

So why am I writing this?

Well, for the past few days I thought about a strategy to grow my business. I searched on Google and read about some entrepreneurs. But they all said to focus more on one thing at a time and not to diversify (which is right).

So here’s the deal:

For now I will focus only on my blogs and Digital marketing agency. My Other Ventures will be left out for few months until I hire a physical team with me.
If today I am working with my blogs, tomorrow I will work on my clients. So basically 50% of my time will be committed to my blogs.

I know I am cutting out half of my available time which can grow faster in this short run, but in the long term it may bring more profits. And I don’t want to regret doing something again and again because of lack of focus.

So I plan on hiring a physical team within 6 months. And it will be discussed in my upcoming posts.

I will share everything what I do in my blogs with screenshots, case studies, tools used with their prices, etc. on my personal website. and I will share here in LinkedIn regularly a glimpse of it.

So if you also plan to start a blog in 2022, Join with me. I will provide you all the steps you need to take in order to get started with your goals.

So this is basically a content marketing strategy to grow my business.
I am working on my personal website to make it ready in few days. I will post here after its ready.

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